Internet Statement/Invoice Presentation
ACS provides a generic web site, acting as a link from the client web site that presents customer statements/invoices to be viewed and printed via the Internet. Both current and historic statement/invoices are accessible by entering a customer number and a password.

Internet Payment
ACS interfaces with your bank to provide convenient and secure credit card, debit card, and on-line check processing for those customers who wish to pay via the Internet. Statements/Invoices that are accessed via our generic web site can be paid in addition to being viewed and printed.

System Hosting
ACS offers services that are unique to the industry. Instead of the client having to buy, install, and maintain complicated hardware and software, we provide everything that you need at our facility. Clients simply access our systems via dedicated data lines or the Internet.

Statement/Invoice Printing
ACS prints your statements/invoices for you. Whether you print hundreds or hundreds of thousands, we have the capability of doing this time consuming task for you. All statements/invoices are laser printed in either our standard format or can be customized to your exact specifications.

Remittance Processing
ACS remittance processing services relieves the client of the tedious job of opening, balancing, posting, and depositing customer payments. Payments are sent to P.O. Boxes (under your company name) located at our Post Office. Customer payments are processed and deposited into your bank account. Automatic Payment (Automated Clearing House [bank transfer]) processing is also available.

Folding, Inserting, and Mailing Services
ACS maintains our own mail processing equipment. Statement/Invoices are CASS certified for the optimal postage discount and processed through our state-of-the-art folding/inserting facility for prompt entry into the mail stream. Customer preprinted statements/invoices may be warehoused at our facility.

Disaster Recovery Facility
ACS is prepared. We maintain a Disaster Recovery Facility with back-up computer systems in the event of a catastrophe at our main facility. These systems receive daily back-ups of program and data files and can be accessed via the Internet.

Custom Program Development
ACS has recognized after 30 years of serving the industry that not all companies operate alike. What is important to one company may be less important or unimportant to another. Therefore, we maintain an in-house programming staff to make changes to our base system to accommodate the needs of all our clients.

Hauler/Municipality Connectivity
ACS enhances 'our clients' relationship between themselves and the cities they serve. In many cases, we provide services to both the refuse hauler and the cities they serve. Because both are accessing a common data base, there is better co-ordination of services offered to the residents and commercial entities.

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