Q – Can ACS save my company/city money?
A – In most cases we can save you money over your current methodology. In all cases we can save you time, headaches, and other related aggravations that come with in-house processing.

Q – How safe is my data?
A – It is perfectly safe. We do daily back ups with a copy stored in-house in fireproof vaults and a second stored off site. We have never had the integrity of data compromised.

Q – What happens if the ACS computers fail?
A – The mid-range computer systems we operate rarely fail. In the event of a prolonged failure (longer than four hours), we would revert to the disaster recovery center we maintain in a nearby city.

Q – Is the system easy to use?
A – It is very easy to use. Because we offer a monthly service (rather than selling you a product), our staff is always available to help you with questions that may arise. There is no additional cost or limit on the amount of help you receive.

Q – How difficult is it to convert to the ACS system?
A – We make it extremely easy. Our staff works closely with yours to provide a seamless transition to our services. We have years of experience in making this easy for our clients.

Q – Do we have to buy new software?
A – No. You use our industry tested and proven software that resides on our servers. Because we provide an ongoing monthly service, there are no expensive software startup costs.

Q – Can we use our existing hardware with ACS?
A – Yes. If you have an existing LAN (local area network), a router can be added to facilitate connection to our systems.

Q – How do we access the systems at ACS?
A – Most of our clients connect to our systems via a Frame Relay Circuit (provided by the Telephone Company). This is a low cost, secure connection that provides reliable connectivity between you and ACS. Some of our clients connect to us strictly via the Internet. If you have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection, this may be adequate for your needs.

Q – From where are our invoices mailed?
A – Invoices are mailed from the main post office in Buena Park, California (where we are located).

Q – Where do our customers mail payments when using ACS remittance processing services?
A – They are mailed to the main post office in Buena Park, California.

Q – Is a long-term commitment with ACS required?
A – No. Unless desired by the client, we do not require a long-term contract. The value and level of our services maintains our relationship with clients.

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